From the Feather-Pen of Farmer Mouse

Featuring Movie Reviews of Vintage and Classic Film-Noir, Science-Fiction, Horror, Mystery/Suspense, and Drama.

Well, I reckon I ought to explain what’s going on here with this blog. We kinda new at this here; but we writing movie reviews for some time now, on them other fine sites, you know. So, this here plan is taken some of them reviews, giving you the straight rodent view right here on them movies, and others down the road yonder.

Now, don’t get all scared away by my nonsense here–there’s a right good (human) guy actually writing them reviews in fancy-talk with big words, even some nice foreign expressions, psychological jibber-jabber, actual analysis, and such like. Well, he ain’t got actual film training you know, but he writes half-decent, likes them old movies a bunch, and can analyze a dirt clod, if it needs it. You think I’m nuts, just wait till you see what he’s got going on; at least he makes some kinda sense, I’ll give him that.

I definitely apologize to you fine folks who aren’t too familiar with rustic American talk…just imagine you sitting by the fire watching that TV or one a them ‘lectric boxes (er, computers), and nevermind me. Back in my day, me and Great Grandpappy Mouse just had the radio and a Farmer’s Almanac for yer dose of evening entertainment. And you know, you think that’s downright primitive–heh heh, just think further back…

I know for a genuine fact that my 10th century ancestor, Yeoman Mouse, of the Wubble Shire, in the time of The Good King Nutshell, had it kinda rough. Well, them scribe fellars kinda read out the weekly news, as was fitting, but not much fun in all that, not even no funny page. Good thing there was some wagering and mead involved, you can reckon that was ok.

…Well, sort of running out of steam right about now. In the meantime, watch some of yer favorite movies, and, one of these days you’ll may find it reviewed here. Maybe you want to meet some more rascally critters…