The Beast Of Yucca Flats, 1961

Wow! This movie might just stunt your growth. Maybe it was made by the deceased, which explains why all the ‘dialogue’ seems to come from another dimension.

After reading up on Yucca Flat and watching it a couple of times, it makes you feel great to get the holistic experience. Because that means you’re not: a dumb-butt Commie monster, a bunny who doubtless was uncompensated for his cameo appearance, an off-the-chain cop who shoots a guy for…being in the desert?, an assortment of attractive women victims (only the Mom survives), and, well, anyone else in the movie.

I’m convinced that the coolest aspect, as many viewers have doubtless observed, must be the cunning narration. It’s sort of verbal found-art; a jumble of phrases conjoined with literary hacksaws.

Okay, that doesn’t make sense. But, so what? Once immersed in the radiation of Yucca Flat, one sees life differently; all is absurdity, reality is nonsense. So, then, this movie takes science fiction as far as it can go–through a cheese grater. 4/10.

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